Top Funniest Shoe Styles in the World


Here are the sunniest and most weird shoes in the world. Wearing these kinds of shoes are so amazing and that these are seldom seen being used by fashion people.

Gloves Shoes

These are kinds of shoes that have fingers for foot fingers. This may be very comfortable if the foot fingers fit with the glove shoes. Just it is very necessary for people to bear confidence while wearing this.

Chicken Shoes

Very amazing and funny design. The design does make a sense when it comes to the heels.

It is just a work of the brightness of the brain. It is not that shameful to wear such kind of shoes.

Banana Shoes

Banana shape of shoes and color. This is only used by those whose feet are rounded and small because of the shape of the design. It is really very funny.

Gun Hoof Shoes

You will laugh when you see someone on your way wearing such kind of shoes. Just it is wrong to think that the bearer is out of her mind. This is just fashion.

Sand Castle Shoes

You will understand why it is very funny, by just looking at the picture. It is very funny to look at.

Pine Shoes

This kind of shoes is very dangerous. Some shoes are funny but this shoes can actually hurt some people due to its spines.

Crocodile Shoes

It is more than scare shoes rather than funny shoes. It looks real during the night. You will ever scream if you will be shocked.